The Grinkevich Family

The Grinkevich Family
For years this family with the many varied name spellings has been a source of fascination. I never knew my great grandparents-- we visited when I was very young, but I have no memory of this momentous occasion. Pictures show them as two tiny, wizened people aglow with love for each other. Perhaps therein lies the source of my interest. Though they went through many trials in their lives, from living in poverty in a Russian ruled country with no hope of a happy future, to burying several children in the spring of their young lives. Their tenacity carried them through. That, and their devotion, and faith in God.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Photo Gallery

The Grinkevich Family, Circa 1926-William, John, and Magdeline, seated; Helen, Charles, Joseph, and Agnes, standing-photo from the Pupp Family

John Grinkevich, Circa 1920, on what appears to be his Solemn Communion-Contributed by Tom Grinker

Magdeline and her "Vincent"
50th Anniversary- June 19, 1949
Magdeline & William, 1949

Maggie & William on steps of their Dorchester house.-courtesy Dick Grinker

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